Occupations FAQ's

Where can I get 'Occupations'?

Occupations is available for the iPhone and iPad through the App Store.

How much does 'Occupations' cost?

Occupations app is available from ONLY 69p.

Can I use 'Occupations' on my phone (NOT Apple iPhone)

We currently don't have an app for Android or Windows, but watch this space!

How up-to-date is the job information?

The current job information was researched in 2012/2013.

I don't know what job title to search for, how can this app help?

If you have an area of interest, 'Animals' for example, you can browse jobs within the CRCI family 'Environment, Animals and Plants'.

Can I find a suitable college course with this app?

Occupations will help you identify requirements for a job that you may be interested in which can in turn help you with other research in where and what to study.

If you have a question that isn't listed here please, email us.